This week we received a question from one of our fans asking "Can I have only oatmeal at breakfast and consume just protein at lunch? or should I consume big amount of protein at each meal?"

This is a multi part question, but let me explain the basics and you will understand why you should NOT eat just carbs or just protein in a meal.

When we eat a meal, carbs are broken down to glucose and protein are broken down to it's amino acids first by our body (These are also multi-step processes but we are not interested in chemical reactions now). Depending on what you eat (Carb vs protein) and how much you eat, the amount of glucose and amino acids will differ in your blood.

When all of these basic nutrients are available in the bloodstream, we automatically assume all the amino acids and even most of the carbs will go to replenishing and synthesizing muscles, but that's wrong.

First of all, not just our muscles but our other body parts/systems need protein as well, such as circulatory health, enzyme and hormone production and immune system. And when it comes to glucose, it is the main energy source of all the body, including your brain! 

If you consume only oatmeal in breakfast which is just a carb, you will only have glucose in your blood stream, and your muscles will be broken down to amino acids (which we want to avoid doing) in order to provide body's amino acids needs.

Then the next meal, if you consume only a large amount of protein, all you will have in the bloodstream is amino acids. Therefore the body will need to convert some (actually most) of that into glucose so it can use it as a source of energy! And only a little portion of amino acids will be available to a variety of body parts and systems not only for muscle synthesis!

However if you have both glucose and amino acids readily available in your bloodstream after each meal, than the body can use glucose for energy and more of the amino acids for muscle development. Therefore it is important to consume a balanced amount of carbs and protein at each meal to keep nutrients getting into the body in the way it can most efficiently utilize it.

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