If you wanted to have some french fries but in a healthier way, we will share some secrets on making it better. Or if you are counting your macros, how do you know how much oil you are consuming with your fries? 

If you are counting your macros (and you should, if you are not) your best friend in kitchen is a kitchen/food scale. Whenever I am making french fries, I put a measured amount of oil to the pan to being with. You measure it in, and you measure it out once the potatoes are fried. That way you know how much of the oil was soaked into the fries. We will get to that in a second. But since the fries will soak some of the oil, how do we make sure it takes minimum amount of oil to keep it as lean as possible ? 

The trick is to cook the oil until it is sizzling hot frying pan and then put the fries in the pan. When the oil is not that hot, and fries are in, they will slowly soak the oil. However, when the oil is really hot, it cooks the outside of the fries in a way that it blocks further oil passage inside in a very short amount of time. That's also the way to have crispier fries. So start heating up your oil before you even prepare your fries.

Another trick I use is to pre-cook the potatoes before frying. If you take a medium size potato,  and throw in an oven for 15-20 min or pour some water on all sides of it, cover it with a paper towel and throw in a hot microwave for 3 to 3,5 minutes, your potatoes is already half way cooked. 

Then take the potatoes out and cut in any way you want your fries. At this point, your oil in the pan should already be sizzling hot. Put the cut potatoes in the pan, and you will see they will be turning crunchier in a few minutes, and that's all you need. Take the potatoes out, put on a plate with a paper towel on the bottom so it will soak any oil remaining on the fries. 

Now measure the remaining oil in the pan, the difference between the oil amount you put and this number, is about the amount of oil you consumed. I say "about" because in reality, you would have consumed a little less than that because, paper towel soaked some of that oil and some would have been evaporated. 

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