Aaron was asking us if it was ok to rely on whey protein, egg whites and cottage cheese for protein sources during bulk up.

Whey protein, Egg whites and Cottage cheese are excellent choices. More often than not my breakfast has an omelette with several egg whites (5 full eggs and 5 egg whites to be precise). These are great choices in the sense that they are lean in carbs and fat and full of good protein.

However If you are trying to bulk up and having problems adding size, you are most likely still deficit in calories or not training hard enough. I can not help you with the later for now, but I can help you with the former. 

Try adding whole milk to your whey protein, instead of egg whites go for the whole eggs, and you can always use some toppings I mentioned in the video for the cottage cheese (personally I can't stand it's taste alone so I use bunch of toppings to make it fit to my taste).

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