Whether you are a fitness/bodybuilding competitor or an individual with a fast metabolism, from time to time some lucky ones among us do not care about losing weight but instead want to build up. But you may be stuck at where you are with your weight, for simply not consuming the necessary calories to top up your daily consumption, that's where the weight gainers come into play.

Normally to gain 1 lb of muscle mass, your body needs to consume around 3,000 calories (in the right amounts!). This is the extra calories needed to make up the 1 lb of muscle mass, so it needs to be taken on top of what your body normally spends during the day. If you plan to gain this 1 lb in a week let's say, this breaks down to around 500 extra calories daily. While you should add calories through natural food sources, sometimes it's a challenge to consistently eat enough calories from nutritious foods, rather than empty calories from added sugar or unhealthy fat calories.

Weight gainers typically contain a fair amount of protein (around 40-50gr per serving). They also usually come with some small amount of a special type of dietary fat that helps in keeping you leaner. And the rest of the calories come from some enormous amount of mix carbs to release the energy overtime.

The other factor is also the quality of the nutrients in the gainers. It's simple to fill up calories with lots of sugar and nutrient deficit processed simple carbs which will not help you in the long run. You may get some fast gains but then you will want to shred off the excess fat and the water-bloating later again. If you are looking to try some clean products, we can recommend Serious Mass with Optimum Nutrition, Cytosport - Monster Massive and BSN True Mass.

However when it comes to supplements, they mean business - meaning if you don't do your part, they won't do theirs, simple as that. A supplement "supplements" yours diet and training habits, the moment you start replacing your natural foods sources with it, or not exercising enough to make best use of the excess calories being taken, you will still gain weight, but you guessed it right, not where you want it; they might be converted to fat.