Weight loss supplements may work in a few ways:

- By helping the body to break down body fat
- By helping more of consumed fat transported into muscle cells for energy
- Suppressing appetite
- Increasing the energy spenditure

Depending on the ingredients, a weight loss supplement may have one or more of the above affects. Most of the Fat-Burners available on the market today contain pretty much the same ingredients tho. The level of effectiveness would change from person to person as our bodies respond to various supplements in different levels. There may be some variations in each product but they all serve the same purpose - to help get rid of the fat faster! Some of the best sellers we can recommend are Nutrakey TRU Burn and BPI Burn XS for the dudes and, FitMiss Tyte for all the ladies.

The key part with all fat burners is to understand that no weight loss supplement will work without a proper diet and exercise program. Since a clean, reduced calorie diet needs to be followed, it would be best to take your fat burners 30 minutes prior to your meal(s) to make the most out of its appetite-suppresing affects.

Some of the fat burners might also have diuretic affects which will make you get rid of excess body water, getting your water intake to go up will make sure your body replenishes and it will not store as much water back.