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BCAA Peak, 30 serving (11.6 oz)

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BCAA Peak is the best BCAA for muscle repair & recovery, protein synthesis & decreasing muscle catabolism & soreness, while maintaining lean muscle mass. It also provides a faster & more efficient recovery after your workouts.

Banned Substance Free. Ajipure Amino Acids. Leucine Loaded. Advanced Rapid Releasing Muscle Protein Synthesizer.

Leucine Provides the Greatest Muscle building Activity of All Amino Acids. Glutamine and BCAAs Help Regulate Whole Body Protein Synthesis. Ajinomoto amino acids are between 99% and 100% pure. No one else comes close. The impurities in other brands can be as much as six times higher. It all adds up to this: choose AjiPure and you're choosing safety, quality, purity. Allpure is the safest and most effective Leucine on the world market. No other brand combines the three pillars of quality: careful selection of raw materials, patented high-performance technology, and precise chemical analysis.

Advanced Muscle Building Formula.

12:1:1 The Most Powerful Muscle Building BCAA Ratio In The World.

6.2g of Leucine: The clinically studied dose in every scoop!

The 3 BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids).

Leucine is by far the most powerful of the 3 BCAAs as it cannot convert to energy. This muscle building superstar is strictly ketogenic, so it is used to trigger muscle protein synthesis (growth). Isoleucine while essential, is both glucogenic and ketogenic, and can be converted to glucose for energy during your workout. Valine while essential, is strictly glucogenic and can also be converted to glucose for energy during your workout. Glutamine makes up approximately 60% of muscle tissue. It has been shown to act as a powerful muscle cell volumizer, stimulate protein synthesis and decrease muscle protein loss.

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