Designer Protein

Organic Pro 30

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Designer Protein, 100% Plant-Based Complete Protein, Organic Pro 30, Natural Vanilla, Naturally Flavored & Sweetened, 30G Performance Protein Per Serving, Over 6,000mg BCAAs, 5,600mg Glutamine, 308mg Electrolytes, Multi-Strain Probiotics, Degestive Enzymes, Only 170 Calories, Designed for Performance, Clean Fuel Your Body Deserves, Advenced Formula For Lean Muscle, Strength, Endurance & Recovery, Complete, organic plant-based protein. Provides clean fuel for all levels of exercise. Every serving supplies 60% of your daily protein-from just 170 calories. Packed with branched chain amino acids for peak performance. Combined with plant-based nutrients to support a normal inflammatory pesponse, help fight free radical damage, replenish electrolytes and alleviate aches and pains due to exercise. Boosted with vegan-based enzymes to aid digestion and absorption.

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